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Want to make the most of your membership? Join a committee! Committees are the very fiber of any successful trade organization. We have five committees currently operating. Meetings are based on need, so the amount and time vary throughout the year.


Home Show Committee

Responsible for the planning and execution of the annual Home Show.

Chairperson: Ron Stotz

Members: Bill Schmid, Blair Ihmels, Greg Zenker, Hannah Haynes, Kelli Thompson, Leanne Holzer, Lindsey Matter, Ron Stotz, Sara Bender, Shane Gaffaney, Tom Haider, Valarie Timm


Parade of Homes Committee

Responsible for the planning and execution of the Spring and Fall Parades of Homes.

Chairperson: Kelli Thompson

Members: Alexis Larson-Evert, Amy Larsen, Betty Kirschmann, Bill Schmid, Brittany Stuhlmiller, Dallon Bitz, Dennis Kraft, Jamie Schmidt, Jeff Sattler, Joe Vetter, Kelli Thompson, Lindsey Matter, Ron Stotz, Vicki Moran


Events/Golf Committee

Responsible for developing and implementing any other BMHBA event.

Chairperson: Natalie Eckes

Members: Amy Larsen, DeAnna Gratz, Gina Hruby, Greg Meidinger, Howard Malloy, Jamie Schmidt, Kelli Thompson, Lisa Liken Monroe, MacKenzie Malloy, Marc Menge, McKenzie Lawler, Natalie Eckes, Ron Stotz, Sara Bender, Sue Blair, Tammy Skogen


Government Affairs Committee

Responsible for working with the city, county and state officials to ensure that regulations and building codes passed are advantageous for the building industry.

Chairperson: Chad Moldenhauer

Members: Alexis Larson-Evert, Brian Eiseman, Chad Moldenhauer, Chad Wachter, Eric Brenden, Greg Meidinger, Jeff Sattler


Membership Committee

Identifies and recruits new members of the association and promotes involvement in all association programs and activities.

Members: Lori Willson, Mark Roningen, Paula Haider


If you would like to get involved, contact the BMHBA at 222-2400 or email

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